Accounting System Set-up

Proper accounting set up is vital for business success. Setting up accounting for a business may not be easy for those who do not have an accounting background. To ensure your business function effectively, you must have an accounting system in place. This will ensure anyone with an accounting background can easily use and maintain the system. Chart of accounts establishment is a part of accounting system set up. It is essential to a well functioning accounting system. Every business needs to have well-established chart of accounts to record its financial activities to the proper accounts.

CypressHill helps you with setting up your accounting system and establishing chart of accounts (design, development and implementation), according to your needs, to ensure your business runs smoothly. We offer customized solutions at reasonable rates.

We can also help you set up accounts in various accounting applications depending on the nature and size of the business.

The three focus areas of our Accounting System Set-up are:

  • -Chart of Account Set-up.
  • -Accounting Policy Development.
  • -Deployment of Accounting Softwares that suits all kinds of businesses.